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PEMFC Stacks (250W~1KW)

AB5 MH canister



■ 200/300/500 / 700 liters
■ AB5 alloy 
■ weight %:2.0 wt%
■ Cycle life:≥1000
■ Filling:  ≥99.995% 
■ Releasing: ≥99.999%

Available with "BPS Portable Power & Light E-Vehicles".

 AB5 Metal Hydride H2 Canisters

(For system developer use only)

200 standard Liters x units=Total L. your system needed

Methanol Reformer

Available with "BPS Distributed Power Conversion System".

Thermal Plasma Reformer

Available with "BPS Distributed Power Conversion System".


150V,28V,12V/1.3KW Power Converter;160V,28V,12V/1.5KW Power Converter; 28V~280V,10KWPower Converter self-developed models.

Modular Design

System Power Output range from 0.5KW to MW grade.

Multi-purpose System Design

It is ready for EE-hybrid Power Management and  other power resources charging during system operating.

Advanced System Control

Real time Monitoring Remote modules; System Integration Ready through H2 P&S to SPS.

LAMPG_ patent pending

 (Local Area Micro Power Grid)

  • Combination of Green DC Energy(FC,SC)

  • Reduced Electricity Transform Lost at least 10%

  • Perfect Match with LED, LCD, Appliances Powered by DC Inverter.


MPHT_ patent pending

(Maximum-Power Harvesting Technology)

  Advantages of Integrated Power 

            System (IPS) with MPHT

  • Help to Stack Unsymmetrical (FC) Power Modules to MW Level.

  • Avoid Grid Failure Caused by Some of Power Conversion Unit Retreat.

  • Coordinate Between Different Renewable Power Generators, Especially Those Weather Depended  System.



(FC-Powered Electric City Vehicles)

  • 4 Wheels Local Commuting Vehicles

  • 2 or 3 Wheels Scooters


(FC-Powered Logistic Vehicles)

  • Automated Guided Vehicles

  • Fork-lifter

    Modular PEMFC Power Unit

Unit Model


A. PM-508D (for Power Plant)

B. PM-508A (for Vehicles)

C. PM-508U (for UPS)

1. Dimension: 17.9cm X 27cm X 41cm

2. Weight: 12kg

3. Net Power Output: 450W~850W continuous

4. Output Voltage: 20~30VDC

Units Used

Civil Applications Military Applications
1 unit

1 unit

2 units

4 units

6 units

8/10 units

>10 units

Take advantages of PEM type DPS you can get your power supply free of capacity and location limitation. Exact budget plan on power demand, support ease super addition when needed.                            Environment Friendly Power Plant


We specialize in offering an reasonable PEMFC power system to meet your needs.

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