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PEMFC system provider Boyam Power Systems

BOYAM's PEMFC techniques is supported by Palcan whom is a Canadian company located in beautiful British Columbia province. They have worked together to establish the advantages of integration manufacture power in Asia and pioneer research in Canada. In 2008, We have achieved our goals in further system integration and cost reduction.  The Boyam Power System is idea for all kinds of electrical products.  We welcome any discuss of cooperation in application and marketing.


 SINCE 1998


2016.07  Products launch for FC hybrid E-bike and BX100 portable power supply in Taiwan.
2016.04  Products launch in 2016 HCCTF Hi-tech & military fair in Chongqing, China. (has been awarded "The Best Enterprise")
2016.04  Products launch in the 2016 HANNOVER MESSE.
2016.03  Products launch in the Tokyo 2016 Fuel Cell EXPO.
2015.08  Design and Moldings in Taiwan, BX3 series FC products ready to mass production. 
2015.04  EVs equipped MeFC module( fueling 50% Methanol water)  start to their road test in Chongqing, China.
2015.03  Products launch in the 2015 CCISF in Chongqing, China
2014.11  Demonstration and test center landed in Chongqing, China.
2014.07  Energy independent farm project which produce hydrogen from agriculture waste and produce electricity with 
    stacking  standard FC modules has been introduce to China intending ease the PM2.5issue.
2014.05  DPP prototype applies world patented "PFFC" technique is established
2013.09  Products launch in the WHTC 2013 EXPO (Shanghai, China)
2012.04  FC and rechargeable battery hybrid FCEV series  has successfully completed road test.
2011.03  Prototypes of fuel cell powered lite E-scooter (24V,36V,48V) has successfully completed road test.
2010.06  Products launch in the Expo 2010 Shanghai China
2010.05  Deliver prototypes to Sichuan, China.
2009.02  Start fuel cell powered E-scooter development.
2008.04  Preparing production line for application prototypes to coalition partners..
2007.02  Products launch in the Tokyo 2007 Fuel Cell EXPO.
2007.01  Start Delivering PEMFC sample products which are assembling in Taiwan.
2005.07  Fuel Cell Power Products Launch at Southern Taiwan Science Park.
2005.01  Apply to be garrisoned in the S.T.Science Park. Have been awarded  as the Science Enterprise  and got admittance.
2004.10  Garrisoned in to NCKU Univenture Centre .
2004.05  BOYAM established in Taiwan 
2004.04  Sign agreement between Palcan & Boyam in Burnaby B.C. Canada

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●.US DoD FCT Delegation        on Mar 23, 2009 at BOYAM










●.ROC DoD Armaments Bureau Delegation    on Nov 18, 2009 at BOYAM

  ●.BOYAM at "2007 Innovation Technology & Venture Conference"


     on July 26, 2007 in Taipei


   Thanks to All the VIP friends whom Visited on 07/26


  ●."Commercial Times" report

       on July 11 , 2007



  ●.BOYAM at "Fuel Cell Community Launch Ceremony"

      in Singapore on March 26 , 2007



  ●.BOYAM at "Fuel Cell EXPO 2007" booth #5-38

      in Tokyo on February 7 , 2007



  ●."Commercial Times" report


     on November 21 , 2007



   ●."Economic Daily News"    on November 23 , 2007 Details  

 ●."Economic Daily News" report

       on January 6 , 2006



  ●."Commercial Times" report

       on July 10 , 2005



  ●.Webpage excerpt from "Taiwan Fuel Cell Information"



  ●.Webpage excerpt from "MOEA Invest in Taiwan"



   ●.Webpage excerpt from "Canadian Trade Office in Taipei"




  ●.Fuel Cell Power Products Launch

     on July 7 , 2005   



  ●.Apply to be garrisoned in the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

      Have been awarded as the Science Enterprise and got 

      admittance        on January 19 , 2005



  ●.Garrisoned in to NCKU Univenture Centre

      on October 15 , 2004



●.BOYAM established in Taiwan

   on May 18 , 2004


Happy Birthday to BOYAM!

  ●."World Journal" report

     on October 27 , 2004




   ●.Test drive of Fourth Generation Fuel Cell Powered E-Scooter


            Everything Starts from Curiosity!





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Boyam Power Systems Co.,Ltd.

Tainan city, TAIWAN


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